Atlas Shrugged Audiobook

Atlas Shrugged Audiobook
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Written By: Ayn Rand
Narrated By: Scott Brick
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Date: September 2009
Duration: 63 hours 0 minutes

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Atlas Shrugged Audiobook Summary

Atlas Shrugged is the “second most influential book for Americans today” after the Bible, according to a joint survey of five thousand people conducted by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club in 1991.
In a scrap heap within an abandoned factory, the greatest invention in history lies dormant and unused. By what fatal error of judgment has its value gone unrecognized, its brilliant inventor punished rather than rewarded for his efforts?
This is the story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world-and did. In defense of those greatest of human qualities that have made civilization possible, he sets out to show what would happen to the world if all the heroes of innovation and industry went on strike. Is he a destroyer or a liberator? Why does he have to fight his battle not against his enemies but against those who need him most? Why does he fight his hardest battle against the woman he loves? The answers will be revealed once you discover the reason behind the baffling events that wreak havoc on the lives of the amazing men and women in this remarkable book.
Tremendous in scope and breathtaking in its suspense, Atlas Shrugged is Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, which launched an ideology and a movement. With the publication of this work in 1957, Rand gained an instant following and became a phenomenon. Atlas Shrugged emerged as a premier moral apologia for capitalism, a defense that had an electrifying effect on millions of readers (and now listeners) who had never heard capitalism defended in other than technical terms.

Atlas Shrugged Audiobook Reviews

“Atlas Shrugged” is a huge sprawling dystopian novel that combines economics, science fiction, philosophy, and intrique. It is the fourth and final novel of Ayn Rand. The novel is written in a modern popular style and is mostly highly readable. Probably the most difficult part of reading this book is its length.

The novel seems to me to be particularly timely in regard to the current philosophical debate in American society at this time. The book revolves around the larger issues of private enterprise and entrepreneurship and socialism and government control. Within the larger theme are many subplots including some romantic intrigue.

The first novel by Ayn Rand that I read was “Atlas Shrugged”. Since then I have read “Anthem”, “The Fountainhead”, and a second reading of “Atlas Shrugged”. “Anthem” and “Atlas Shrugged” are both dystopian novels. I don’t wish to risk spoiling the reading experience for a perspective reader. It is clear to me that Ayn Rand conveys her personal philosophy within these works. In “The Fountainhead” she seems to extol her preferred architecture along with a very strange sexual relationship between two individuals. In “Atlas Shrugged” there is yet more unusual romantic relationships between individuals. Having also read a biography about Ayn Rand it is clear that there is a semi autobiographical aspect to those parts of these novels.

In summary I am very glad that I had a chance to read and study both “Atlas Shrugged” and the life and works of Ayn Rand. Her novels provide both entertainment and fuel for thought. I doubt that this book will suit the tastes of all readers, but it is highly readable and was well worth the effort to me. Thank You…

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