Bazaar of Bad Dreams Audiobook

Bazaar of Bad Dreams Audiobook
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Written By: Stephen King
Narrated By: Hope Davis, Dylan Baker, Edward Herrmann, Cotter Smith, Stephen King, Will Patton, Peter Friedman, Frederick Weller, Craig Wasson, Tim Sample, Mare Winningham, Kathleen Chalfant, Brooke Bloom, Thomas Sadoski, Santino Fontana
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Date: November 2015
Duration: 20 hours 10 minutes

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a short fiction collection by Stephen King, published on November 3, 2015. This is King’s sixth collection of short stories and his tenth collection overall. One of the stories, “Obits”, won the 2016 Edgar Award for best short story, and the collection itself won the 2015 Shirley Jackson Award for best collection. The paperback edition, released on October 18, 2016, includes a bonus short story, “Cookie Jar”, which was published in 2016 in VQR.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams Audiobook Summary

Winner of the 2020 Audio Publishers Association Lifetime Achievement Award

Includes the story “Premium Harmony”—set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine

The masterful #1 New York Times bestselling story collection from O. Henry Prize winner Stephen King that includes twenty-one iconic stories with accompanying autobiographical comments on when, why and how he came to write (or rewrite) each one.

For more than thirty-five years, Stephen King has dazzled readers with his genius as a writer of short fiction. In this new collection he introduces each story with a passage about its origins or his motivations for writing it.

As Entertainment Weekly said about this collection: “Bazaar of Bad Dreams is bursting with classic King terror, but what we love most are the thoughtful introductions he gives to each tale that explain what was going on in his life as he wrote it.’

There are thrilling connections between stories; themes of morality, the afterlife, guilt, what we would do differently if we could see into the future or correct the mistakes of the past. In “Afterlife,” a man who died of colon cancer keeps reliving the same life, repeating his mistakes over and over again. Several stories feature characters at the end of life, revisiting their crimes and misdemeanors. Others address what happens when someone discovers that he has supernatural powers—the columnist who kills people by writing their obituaries in “Obits;” the old judge in “The Dune” who, as a boy, canoed to a deserted island and saw names written in the sand, people who then died in freak accidents. In “Morality,” King looks at how a marriage and two lives fall apart after the wife and husband enter into what seems, at first, a devil’s pact they can win.

“I made these stories especially for you,” says King. “Feel free to examine them, but please be careful. The best of them have teeth.”

Stories include:
-Mile 81
-Premium Harmony
-Batman and Robin Have an Altercation
-The Dune
-Bad Little Kid
-A Death
-The Bone Church
-Herman Wouk Is Still Alive
-Under the Weather
-Blockade Billy
-Mister Yummy
-The Little Green God of Agony
-Cookie Jar
-That Bus Is Another World
-Drunken Fireworks
-Summer Thunder.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams Audiobook Reviews

I make no secret of that fact that Stephen King is my favorite modern writer. His short stories thrill me, on the whole. None of them are mediocre and of course I have my personal beloved. This new collection of stories, some fresh off the presses, some previously published, has not disappointed. Not all are in your face horror. In fact many are more like cautionary tales; be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
King’s ease of using colloquialisms and not sounding corny or disparaging is part of what makes his stories so believable. Even the most insane and diabolical becomes possible when written in King’s original styles. Yes, I said styles. Because he fits the style of his stories to the moods, the characters, and the settings, without blinking an eye. From college professors to a wealthy bedridden man to the average Joe, King rolls them all out for our inspection.
I have my favorites in this collection as well. “Ur” and “Under the Weather” top the list.
To sum it all up, this is a profoundly diverse collection of stories that once again showcases Stephen King’s skill at entertaining his readers. I can highly recommend it without reservation.

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In a letter posted on Stephen King’s official site in June 2014, King announced that he would possibly be publishing a “book of new stories” in the fall of 2015, following the publication of Finders Keepers. In an interview with the Toronto Sun on November 6, 2014, King announced the title of the collection and offered more details, saying “[I]n the fall of 2015 there will be a new collection of stories called The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which’ll collect about 20 short tales. It should be a pretty fat book.” In February and March 2015, King personally, and via his assistant, confirmed the collection will include “Bad Little Kid” (published in 2014 as an e-book in French and German languages only as a gift to King’s European fans), “Ur” (heavily revised), “Drunken Fireworks”, and “A Death”. The complete list of twenty stories was announced on King’s website on April 20. Throughout May, King’s official site revealed the cover in five stages, with the final cover being unveiled on May 22. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams omits contemporaneous stories published by King in collaboration with his son Joe Hill (Throttle and In the Tall Grass) and Stewart O’Nan (A Face in the Crowd).

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