The Black Echo Audiobook

Black Echo Audiobook
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Written By: Michael Connelly
Narrated By: Dick Hill
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Date: May 2017
Duration: 13 hours 19 minutes

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The Black Echo is the 1992 debut novel by American crime author Michael Connelly. It is the first book in Connelly’s Bosch series. The book won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for “Best First Novel” in 1992.

The Black Echo Audio book Summary

An LAPD homicide detective must choose between justice and vengeance as he teams up with the FBI in the first novel of the ‘thrilling’ Harry Bosch series (New York Times Book Review).

For maverick LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal . . . because the murdered man was a fellow Vietnam ‘tunnel rat’ who had fought side by side with him in a hellish underground war. Now Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam. From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the city, his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit. Pitted against enemies inside his own department and forced to make the agonizing choice between justice and vengeance, Bosch goes on the hunt for a killer whose true face will shock him.

The novel centers on Harry Bosch, a Vietnam veteran who served as a “tunnel rat” (nicknamed Hari Kari Bosch), with the 1st Infantry Division — a specialized soldier whose job it was to go into the maze of tunnels used as barracks, hospitals, and on some occasions, morgues, by the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army. After the war Bosch became an L. A. police detective advancing to the Robbery-Homicide Division. However, after killing the main suspect in the “Dollmaker” serial killings, Bosch is demoted to “Hollywood Division” homicide, where he partners with Jerry Edgar. The death of Billy Meadows, a friend and fellow “tunnel rat” from the war, attracts Bosch’s interest, especially when he determines that it may have been connected to a spectacular bank robbery using tunnels. Bosch suspects that the robbers were after more than money and he then partners with the FBI, in particular agent Eleanor Wish, in an attempt to foil their next attack.

Season 3 of the Amazon series, Bosch, is loosely adapted from this novel. After Harry captures a suspect, Detective Bosch tells him “I will make sure you spend the rest of your life in the black echo.”

The Black Echo Audio books Reviews

I gave Season 1 of Bosch on Amazon Prime Video only 3 stars, because it was too typical of a cop story. I gave Season 2 a chance to improve, and it did not disappoint me. When Season 3 came out, I couldn’t wait to watch, and it was the best, so far. Rather than waiting for Season 4, I thought I’d check out Michael Connelly’s page on Amazon, and I was surprised to find how many books he’d written. I ordered the first book, Black Echo, just to see how the whole thing started, and was into the story from Page 1. Connelly just has the knack: the story development, the working of phrases, the technical cop talk, and the humanity of his creation, Harry Bosch. After watching Titus Welliver portray Bosch for 3 seasons, I could see him in my mind as I read this book, and it absolutely enhanced my experience.
Connelly does not resort to pacing, chase scenes, and the like to drive the story. Nor does he leave the reader hanging at the end of a chapter, then change the scene in the next chapter, just to create tension. He just tells a damn good story and lets it play out. I ‘m glad there are 20+ books on Harry Bosch, because I’m already addicted.

In the 80’s it didn’t take me long to learn to look dubiously at book recommendations from authors, particularly if the recommender and “recommendee” lived in the same vicinity. I would still note, say, Donald Westlake recommending Lawrence Block recommending Brian Garfield, but I would also wait for outside confirmation. With the advent of the internet vicinity was no longer an accurate indicator. For example, shortly after the turn of the century the gang from Busted Flush Press lived nowhere near each other and yet unrelentingly sang the praises of their fellows. Often that praise, both in the past and more recently, was justified. Almost as often there was disappointment–which of course is inevitable. Any art form is subjective. But on occasion there was more to the disappointment than personal perspective.

So I came to Black Echo and Michael Connelly proceeded by universal acclaim stopping just short of worship. How is it possible to live up to that kind of advance billing? My standard response, in hopes of giving myself the best chance of enjoying the experience, is to temper expectations, particularly in the case of a first novel. What a waste of energy that turned out to be. Long before I’d finished the book I knew I had joined the chorus.

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The Black Echo won the 1993 Edgar Award for “Best First Novel” and was also nominated for the Anthony Award in the same category and the Dilys Award for “Best Novel”.

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