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Written By: Stephen King
Narrated By: Dylan Baker, Stephen King, Will Patton, Michael C. Hall, Dana Ivey, Lois Smith, David Morse, Matthew Broderick, Paul Giamatti, Frances Sternhagen, Robert Petkoff, Norbert Leo Butz, Kyle Beltran
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Date: July 2016
Duration: 22 hours 31 minutes

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Skeleton Crew Audiobook Summary

Includes the stories “Uncle Otto’s Truck” and “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut”—set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine

Features “The Mist” now a TV series event on Spike

The #1 New York Times bestseller and winner of the 1986 Locus Award for Best Collection, Skeleton Crew is “Stephen King at his best” (The Denver Post)—a terrifying, mesmerizing collection of stories from the outer limits of one of the greatest imaginations of our time.

“Wildly imaginative, delightfully diabolical…King once again proves to be the consummate storyteller” (The Associated Press).

A supermarket becomes the place where humanity makes its last stand against destruction. A trip to the attic becomes a journey to hell. A woman driving a Jaguar finds a scary shortcut to paradise. An idyllic lake harbors a bottomless evil. And a desert island is the scene of the most terrifying struggle for survival ever waged. This “wonderfully gruesome” collection (The New York Times Book Review) includes:

-“The Mist”
-“Here There Be Tygers”
-“The Monkey”
-“Cain Rose Up”
-“Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut”
-“The Jaunt”
-“The Wedding Gig”
-“Paranoid: A Chant”
-“The Raft”- “Word Processor of the Gods”
-“The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands”
-“The Reaper’s Image”
-“For Owen”
-“Survivor Type”
-“Uncle Otto’s Truck”
-“Morning Deliveries (Milkman No. 1)”
-“Big Wheels: a Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman No. 2)”
-“The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet”
-“The Reach”

King is best known for his iconic, immersive long novels, but he is also a master of the short story, and this is a magnificent collection.

Skeleton Crew Audiobook Reviews

Your humble reviewer is devoted fan of Stephen King (1947-) the most famous novelist in America. King is also noted for his ability to spin a good yarn in the short story genre. Skeleton Crew (strangely there is no story in this collection that is called Skeleton Crew!) contains over twenty stories. All of them are good but the ones listed below are my favorite.
The Mist-The longest story in the book. A video retelling of the tale is now showing on the Spike network. One Maine morning a mist invades a beautiful lakeside area. The first person narrator’s wife urges him to go to the grocery to stock up but on his arrival he discovers that dinosaurs have invaded the market! This tale reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds . It has an apocalyptic theme and is quite scary.
Mrs Todd’s Shortcut tells the enchanting story of a lovely woman who resembles the ancient goddess Diana on her auto jaunts. A romantic story with great descriptions of a New England October.
The Man Who Who Would Not Shake Hands-Tragedy following a car wreck in distant India. Every time the chief protagonist of this tale shakes hands with someone they die!
Beachworld-A science fiction yarn about a spaceship trapped on a planet that is nothing but sand dunes!
Nona-A bloody tale told by a serial killer who is insane
Survivor Tale-A grisly story of an unethical medical doctor stranded on a forbidding island after his boat sinks. Not for the queasy among us!
The Jaunt-A futuristic tale of mind travel from Earth to Mars.
The Raft-Four college students decide to go swimming from a raft in a lonely Maine lake before being confronting by a horrible creature that eats them!
The Reaper’s Image-An early short story by King in which the image of the grim reaper appears on an expensive old mirror.
Light and entertaining reading.

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Skeleton Crew is a collection of short fiction by American writer Stephen King, published by Putnam in June 1985. A limited edition of a thousand copies was published by Scream/Press in October 1985 (ISBN 978-0910489126), illustrated by J. K. Potter, containing an additional short story, “The Revelations of Becka Paulson”, which had originally appeared in Rolling Stone magazine (July 19 – August 2, 1984), and was later incorporated into King’s 1987 novel The Tommyknockers. The original title of this book was Night Moves.

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